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Fulton, NY Garage & Overhead Door Maintenance

Fulton, NY Garage Door MaintenanceWayne-Dalton of Syracuse Garage Doors is a licensed company dedicated to quality service delivery and customer satisfaction. We cover Garage Door Installation, Repair & Replacement in Syracuse, NY.


Our staff is experienced in repairing garage and overhead doors. We repair all garage door types, regardless of where you bought them. A broken spring is the most common problem with garage doors, but we also repair cables and rollers. Also, if you have an opener that isn't working correctly, we can fix that. Our technicians will come to your home within one hour of calling us, so if your door breaks during business hours, we can usually get someone there quickly enough for a same-day repair.


Wayne-Dalton of Syracuse Garage Doors garage and overhead door maintenance services can help you replace damaged, worn out, or malfunctioning parts. Some common reasons to replace a part include:

  • A broken spring

  • A bent track

  • Worn-out rollers

  • Malfunctioning seams and seals


To maintain your garage door and opener, you should:

  • Keep the tracks lubricated.

  • Repair or replace worn parts as necessary.

  • Keep the springs in good repair.

You should also ensure that the motor is running properly and replace it, including the belt connecting it to the power source. Again, please consult with an expert on this step before attempting it yourself. The professionals can help determine whether replacing a motor is something you can handle yourself or if they should take care of it themselves instead.


At Wayne-Dalton of Syracuse Garage Doors, we install garage and overhead door openers, parts, accessories, tracks, and springs. Our installers have OSHA 10 Hour Certification and undergo Continuous Safety Training and drug testing to ensure excellent service delivery.

Wayne-Dalton of Syracuse Garage Doors Offers The Best Garage and Overhead Door Maintenance In Fulton, NY

At Wayne-Dalton of Syracuse Garage Doors, we offer the best garage and overhead door maintenance in Fulton, NY. Our Excellence in overhead and garage door maintenance services to Fulton, NY residents have earned us a stellar reputation among residents through dedication to consistently delivering high-quality service at reasonable prices. Call us 24/7 at 315-453-7733 for more information about what we offer in terms of services and pricing for our different packages/services offered throughout Fulton County, NY.