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Ithaca, NY Garage Door Spring Repair

The purpose of your garage door is to provide easy access for you and your family to your garage while simultaneously protecting against forced entry into your garage. When your garage door spring breaks, your garage door is failing to perform at least one of its primary functions. A broken garage door spring can be especially frustrating if it breaks while your garage door is in the open position, because then your garage door is no longer providing security for your garage, and depending on the presence of a connecting door, possibly for your house as well. If you discover that you need garage door spring repair in the Ithaca area, Wayne Dalton of Syracuse offers tops quality repairs services quickly and at a reasonable price.

Professional Garage Door Spring Repairs Provided Efficiently in IthacaIthaca, NY Garage Door Spring Repair

When your Ithaca garage door spring breaks, we understand that you need repairs quickly. At Wayne Dalton of Syracuse, we will schedule an appointment to respect and repair your garage door as quickly as possible, at a time that is convenient for your busy schedule. A professional technician will arrive at your home and inspect your garage door in order to identify any and all damage. You will be provided a full explanation of the problem and given an estimate of the cost before you are required to pay for the service. We believe that customers should be informed before we provide our garage door spring repair services.

Preventative Maintenance that Save You Money

While we offer repairs for your garage door emergencies, we would prefer to prevent those emergencies in the first place. If there are any signs that your garage door spring may be about to break, like jerking motions or odd noises while opening or closing, please contact us immediately. We can discover problems before they cause major damage and prevent complete breakdowns in the future. Even if your garage door isn't exhibiting any signs of problems, by allowing us to inspect it regularly, you can save money on future major garage door spring repairs. Whether you need spring repair now or preventative maintenance, Wayne Dalton of Syracuse offers the best services for your Ithaca garage doors.

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