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Utica, NY Garage Door Spring Repair

Partnering with reliable Utica home improvement and repair specialists has never been easier. Wayne Dalton of Syracuse is the only choice for residential and commercial garage door installation and repair. As a locally owned and operated business, the staff at Wayne Dalton of Syracuse is proud to have earned an outstanding rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Protecting and Maintaining Your Utica PropertyUtica Garage Door Spring Repair

To ensure that garage doors are functioning properly, it is important to schedule regular maintenance inspections. Preventing a potentially dangerous accident involving a faulty garage door reduces liability and protects people and property. Maintenance visits include the inspection of the most important components of the garage door, including the spring and the track, to ensure full functioning of the door. Contact Wayne Dalton of Syracuse to schedule a maintenance inspection.

Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

Sometimes, components of garage doors malfunction and even break and the security of your home depends on the efficient and effective repair of the garage door. The most common concern with garage doors is a garage door broken spring. When springs become rusty, loose, or weakened by age or misuse, garage doors may fail, causing a hazardous situation. Garage doors are heavy and can seriously injure people or property. For garage door spring repair or replacement at your Utica property, rely on Wayne Dalton of Syracuse.

Common signs of garage door trouble occur when your garage door begins to squeak, garage doors start and stop suddenly, the garage door comes off of the track, or you notice rusting or discoloration. These issues could result in additional garage door damage and require immediate inspection by a qualified technician. Our trained technicians are familiar with all possible garage door malfunctions and our fast and effective garage door repair service will have your property secured and your garage door back on track within no time.

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