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Watertown, NY Garage & Overhead Door Maintenance

Watertown, NY Garage Door MaintenanceOverhead Door Installation - Experts in Watertown

In the market for reliable new overhead doors? You're in luck! Wayne Dalton of Syracuse provides comprehensive garage door installation services in the Watertown area.

Avoid Common Issues with Garage Door Maintenance

Accidentally damaging your garage door by running into the door with a vehicle, bike, or other motorized equipment (or toys) is surprisingly common. Following are other common issues that require garage door repair or replacement by a certified service technician.

Missing bolts or screws - if your overhead door or connected equipment is missing key bolts or screws, your garage door may stop opening and closing like it should.

Door misalignment: - when garage doors become misaligned (or get off track), a certified overhead door or overhead door technician can diagnose the problem and repair the issues.

Obstacles or blockages - foreign objects and materials that get stuck in the overhead door track can eventually cause obstacles and blockages to push overhead doors off track.

Preventative Garage Door Maintenance in Watertown, NY - Be Proactive!

According to industry experts, preventative garage door maintenance should be performed by a certified overhead door maintenance technician at least once a year.

Taking the time to perform the required preventative maintenance steps for overhead doors reduces the likelihood of major issues or costly garage door repairs from popping up in the future.

During a year, overhead door experts also recommend performing basic preventative maintenance monthly. Watertown homeowners can easily take preventative steps at home that can lengthen the life of garage doors.

What is Included in Preventative Garage Door Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance includes checking your garage doors for loose hardware, testing for appropriate tension, and lubricating moving parts.

If you're not comfortable performing basic preventative maintenance on your own - call a certified overhead door technician.

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